BlueJay X2

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    There is a newer BlueJay model which supersedes the X2 - Click here for the BlueJay GTS

    The BlueJay X2 Watch module is now available!

    • Tough aluminium body and glass screen.  Battery life doubled vs X1.  Improved radio sensitivity and connection stability.

    • Get the new model which comes complete with two straps: one silicone and one mesh-metal with magnetic grip. 

    • Spare charging clip now included with every order!

    • 2021 X2 edition: smoother watch module back.

    Limited stock! The X2 device is capable of running xDrip core which can receive data from G5 and G6 independently of a phone but uses an Android app for configuration.

    Custom designed research tool

    Power to the people

    Call and Notification alerts

    Vibration alerts for xDrip alarms, calls and other notifications

    Over the air upgrades

    Install core modules or full firmware updates

    Small but mighty

    Battery lasts between 2-5 days depending on workload


    The ThinJam protocol can be supported by many different apps

    Features of the BlueJay X2

    Step up to the next level

    Light, Compact and Stylish

    Module weighs only 22 grams, measures 36 x 42 x 10 mm

    High quality antenna

    Even more sensitive than the X1 for the best radio reception

    Choose your own watch strap

    Works with standard 20mm watch straps, Silicone and Mesh metal straps are included.

    Encourage research

    Show your support for BlueJay innovation

    Supporting software (Android) is still at an early stage and may not be easy to use for beginners. In the photo above, the section of the screen below the date shows example 3rd party app data being presented on the screen via ThinJam protocol.