I see that xDrip core works with G5 / G6 - will it work with Libre?

Libre support may well come in the future but for now the focus is on G5 / G6

I already have a non-phone device connecting to my G5 / G6 will this work?

This question will be answered in more detail soon. The short answer is yes it can work but you cannot have more than two devices total connecting to your transmitter.

How is the watch charged?

There is a charging clip that attaches to the watch which connects in to standard USB. Full charging takes approx 2 hours.

Can I use this with AAPS?

Data from xDrip core is retrieved by xDrip+ phone app and then should work with AAPS, but more community feedback is needed to ensure everything is supported correctly.

Is it water resistant?

The watch should be splash proof, like washing hands etc but is not considered waterpoof for immersion in water. No swimming, bath or shower etc.

What connectivity does the BlueJay have?

It has BT connectivity only. There is no Wifi or cellular within the watch.

Is the display always on?

No, the display lights up when the front of the watch is tapped or the wrist is flicked when using the motion wake feature or under certain other conditions.

Is the watch Android Wear or Full Android?

No, the watch uses a custom embedded system which is much more lightweight. It starts up in only a few seconds and uses much less power.

Can it display with either mmol/l or mg/dl values?

Yes it just follows what is set from the phone app

Are there any xDrip+ settings I need to be aware of?

Make sure you are using Native mode with the OB1 collector (the default setting). In the future it may be possible to not use Native mode but right now that is how it works.